Growing Sweet Potatoes

This is a first attempt at growing sweet potatoes. We found a crusty half of a sweet potato at the back of the veggie draw and cut it into 4 pieces. These pieces we placed in a dish of water and put them outside in a site that gets morning sun but is shaded from the mid day sun.

It took about a week for the potato to sprout and another week for the slips to grow to 10 cms, the right size for picking. I love how things grow so quickly here….


One wasn’t big enough to pick so we left it for another week, by which time 3 more slips had sprouted.

The slips were put into jars of water to root, which also took one week, before being transplanted into large pots.


The first 4 will stay in these pots so they can be moved around if the garden doesn’t get enough sunlight in the winter. The other 4 will go into the various raised beds


Altogether we have 8 sweet potato vines from half a dried out potato

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