All Natural Facial Cleansers

I have really dry skin, and since living in Abu Dhabi my skin has been really sensitive. The tap water here is desalinated, and I guess the chemicals used in the desalination process, the heat, humidity and dust combined have triggered this sensitivity.

In addition to the external effects on my skin, I’m increasingly concerned about the toxic load on my skin (whole body actually) so about 9 months ago I stopped buying skin products and decided to make my own.

The first, and easiest, product to make has got to be make up remover – just plain oil. As my skin is dry I use a combination of 3 parts olive oil, 1 part castor oil and 1 part almond oil. Put it in a jar and shake to combine.

I rub it on my eyes to remove mascara and wipe off with a cotton ball, then massage the oil into my face for 30 seconds and use a warm damp facecloth to remove the makeup and dirt. My skin is super clean and soft.

This also works with greasy skin, but change the combination of olive to castor oil i.e. 1 3 1. Castor oil is very cleansing and can also be rubbed directly into blackheads and wiped off after a couple of minutes, the blackheads loosen and come away on the tissue, so great for young, acne prone skin.

If I’m not wearing makeup, and each morning, I just wash my face with honey, a small dollop mixed with a little water and wash as you would with soap. It’s a great cleanser, anti- bacterial and skin rejuvenator. What could be more simple?

My skin looks better now than it has in years. I had started to notice enlarged pores, but these have improved dramatically since starting this regime. When I think of all the money I’ve spent over the years on expensive brand- name creams and lotions – sigh…

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