First crop of the season


This is the first crop of the season. This photo was taken just over a week ago and we had 4 kilos of aubergines. I picked another 4 kilos tonight!

Winter is the season for growing vegetables and flowers in Abu Dhabi, everything shrivels and dies in the intense summer heat. Usually we’re just planting out our seedlings at this time of year, but last spring/early summer, we cut back our aubergine plants to bare stems and kept them shaded and well watered throughout the summer – we’d planted them under the fruit trees which provided the shade and the trees needed to be watered regularly, so it was no extra effort to keep the aubergine plants watered.

The plants grew back very slowly, hardly at all for the first few months and then a bit more vigorously in September, we had our first flowers by end of September and the fruits were ready for picking by first week of November.

The first batch was made into an aubergine pickle (Brinjal), with a couple reserved for grilling on the barbie


This pickle tastes amazing with cheese and crackers or a curry. However, it needs to be kept in the fridge.


Now I need to find a some interesting aubergine recipes to use up the estimated 4 kilos per week – any suggestions?


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