Summer Fruits

It’s in the 40’s here in Abu Dhabi now, summer’s well and truly here! This is the first year of having an established garden, this time last year our fruit trees were fairly newly planted, so I’m surprised to see that so much is still growing. We have a second flush of figs, seen in the photo below with one of the date palms, which will be ready around the same time, you can also see a clump of sugar cane to the right of the new garden path (laid with reclaimed and recycled paving stones you’ll notice). The papayas are prolific, about 12 to each tree, guavas are the size of golf balls – they still have a few months before they are ripe enough to eat ImageImageImage   The bananas are doing really well, we’ve picked a bunch about 2 weeks ago, and the next bunch is almost ready, below is a photo of a tree we planted in January from an offshoot, and it’s already producing, the fruit is hanging over the garden wall so you can’t se the actual plant, but to give it some perspective, the wall is 8 feet high.  And finally we have mangos, not many (5 to be exact) on 2 of 6 trees


3 thoughts on “Summer Fruits

    • Yes, all organically grown. I’m convinced it ‘s the close planting/ forestation principle that is contributing to the success by raising the humidity and providing shade to some of the tropical fruit trees.

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