Busy Weekend

Busy weekend, homemade lemongrass and ginger soap with a copper mica topping ( bit OTT but smells amazing); berry flavoured Shea butter lip balm; home- made ketchup, used the last of the Roma tomatoes, and bone broth – all before lunch!

i have milk kefir fermenting ( thanks to Aisha for the scoby) and have been converting some of the grains to water kefir over the last week or so. I now have 2 bottles of cranberry kefir brewing, and 2 bottles of grape. Will post separately on the process and the results.

2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

    • Hi Joshua, I’ve posted the recipe in a previous post entitled Lemongrass and Ginger Soap, but nowadays I don’t use palm oil in my soap making. I make this soap often and the recipe is

      300gms olive oil
      150gms coconut oil (cheap oil is fine)
      50gms castor oil
      190gms water
      71gms sodium hydroxide (lye)
      15gms essential oil for fragrance.

      I like to use fresh ginger juice in this soap, so reduce the water accordingly, but it’s not necessary to add fresh juice

      If you’re new to soap making I’d suggest watching a few you tube videos first on the process, but it’s not difficult.

      Be warned – soap making is addictive, and you’ll want to experiment with lots of different recipes. There’s a really good on-line resource called SoapCalc.net, where you can play around with oil combinations to find your perfect recipe using whatever oils/fats you have to hand.

      Feel free to message me again if you want any info/advice

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