Summer Fruits

It’s in the 40’s here in Abu Dhabi now, summer’s well and truly here! This is the first year of having an established garden, this time last year our fruit trees were fairly newly planted, so I’m surprised to see that so much is still growing. We have a second flush of figs, seen in […]


Well, we finally got recycling bins in our street. The municipal trucks came one morning in early January and loaded the huge metal dumpster bins onto a van ( still full of rubbish of course) and took them down to the wasteland next to the beach and left them there 😦

One black wheelie bin and one green recycling bin was provided per 2 houses. The green recycling bin gives very clear instructions on what can and cannot be put into them, so it should all go well right?


The bins were not emptied for almost 2 weeks and the black bins filled up within days, so then the green bins got filled up with black bags of rubbish and then the street was littered with black bags and loose recyclable items. The Municipality were called several times and eventually came and cleared up the mess.

Since then they’ve collected every day, so not an issue, now we just have to educate the neighbours that goat manure and dead chickens are not recyclable items………