More Lemons – zero waste

Apologies to anyone who has already read this on my Facebook page last week (before I deleted my account), but I’m going to repeat that post here.

My neighbour bought over huge bucket of lemons last week, about 60 – so I spent the whole weekend processing them.

10 went into a jar with salt and spices to make Moroccan preserved lemons

another 10 sliced and frozen to put in summer drinks

the rest were zested and juiced, the juice and half the zest frozen for later use.

The remaining zest is being steeped in aguadente ( local fire water) and will become Limoncello in about a month or so.

Manky zest and scrap ends of lemons put into a container to make citrus enzyme cleaner.

left over pith boiled up for a couple hours to make pectin, now frozen in ice cube trays for later use in jam-making

Half the boiled up pith became the marinade for that night’s lemon and tarragon chicken, and the rest was fed to the pigs.

The zest that is currently making Limoncello will be blended and used in a dessert, and the leftovers from the citrus cleaner will be composted, absolutely zero-waste!





Lacto-fermented Ginger Beer


This is my first attempt at a lacto-fermented beverage, and it’s delicious.

I’d juiced a big lump of ginger root to make some Lemongrass and Ginger soap, and had a couple of ounces left over. I dissolved a couple of tablespoons of raw sugar in some hot water, added the juice of 2 lemons and the ginger juice. this was poured into a flip top bottle and filled with warm water. Next I added a couple of tablespoons of whey that had been drained off a carton of yogurt. Shook it up and left it on the counter for 2 days.

After 48 hours I tested for flavour and fizziness, it scored well on both. Another 12 hours later and it was really fizzy, so time to put it in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process – don’t want the bottle to explode!